About Us

Hunter Brothers Coffee was established as a joint venture between two brothers from the northern area of Pittsburgh who wanted to start a Veteran-Owned business. Paul A. Hunter, a Veteran, and his brother, Timothy S. Hunter began to look for opportunities that might work for them and their families. Many different business ideas were discussed, but when idea of opening a coffee company was proposed, they were both sold! Beans it would be … for as they say, who doesn’t love a great cup of Joe!


Paul A. Hunter, President

Over the course of his military career, Paul had the opportunity to visit many locations around the world. The sights he saw and the stories that accompanied them created many lasting memories and made him the person he is today.  He saw folks in third world countries living in meager homes with only a wall to separate them from their animals while working the land with their homemade tools and straw brooms. He also witnessed men fighting in the street over old pieces of corrugated metal for roofing and others living under plastic tarps. These experiences made him appreciate what he had in life, while also paying tribute to what really matters to him in his life. It was because of these experiences that Paul vowed to help as many people as he could, however he could.

Although it may seem that most Americans are better off than the folks from those third world countries, there are still so many opportunities to help and serve others right here in our own backyard.  Donating time at a soup kitchen or participating at a blood drive are just some of the basic needs in our community.  These basic needs can mean so much to another person, like that old piece of corrugated metal.

We at Hunter Brothers Coffee strive to continuously serve with this mindset.  Two of our areas of focus are to employ people at a livable wage and to help improve the lives of Veterans and their families that are in need of assistance.  Our fine line of coffee can compete with any longstanding brands of coffee out there, and, with your purchase, 10% of the profits benefit Veteran causes. We thank you for your support.


Timothy S. Hunter, Chief Financial Officer

Coffee has been a journey for Tim.  He was 29 years old before he had his first cup.  Married just four months at the time, he would get up every morning and make coffee for his wife for her drive in to work. Now, years later, he is a self-proclaimed connoisseur and chooses a restaurant for dinner by the quality of coffee it serves.

There are many different varieties of coffee available at coffee shops and local establishments and many have changed in taste over the years, but as Tim says, “I have continued to look for something better.”   As many of us, Tim went from drip method to single serve then back to the drip method again looking for that perfect cup of Joe.

After many years of searching, Tim and his brother Paul decided to start their own business and a coffee business only made sense. Hunter Brothers Coffee was born.  The goal of the company is have our customers not only try the coffee, but to enjoy the quality of the fresh roast.  This won’t be just any coffee company, but a company that will make a difference in Veteran’s lives.

In the past, Tim has talked to many business owners and one has always stuck in his mind. This particular business owner started a company after leaving a teaching position. He wanted to grow a company and use the profits to help at-risk youth in and around Pittsburgh.  Through the years this company has grown, and while the founder has retired, the company continues to thrive and help hundreds of teens every year.  That is the impact Tim hopes Hunter Brothers Coffee will have not just from a profit standpoint, but with respect to community impact as well.  Hunter Brothers Coffee wants to be able to provide decent jobs for people living in the area, use a portion of our profits to help Veteran causes, and deliver a product that will keep our customers coming back.