About Us

Veteran Owned

Our co-founder, Paul Hunter, served in the military - visiting many locations around the world. During his times abroad, he experienced things that have shaped his life to this day and gave him an appreciation for all he has. This appreciation has guided our company and its values. 

10% of all profit is donated to veteran causes!

Small Batch Roaster

As a small-batch roaster, our coffee beans are typically roasted in batches of less than 50 lbs. Since coffee roasting is equal parts art and science, it is critical that conditions and timing are perfect. To get the ideal flavor in your coffee, someone must monitor the roasting process at all times. So by keeping our batches smaller, we are able to provide higher quality coffee to our customers while also keeping our inventory lower - which means you're getting freshly roasted coffee.

It's the perfect win-win for our customers.