• Hunter Brothers Coffee is pleased to announce that we now carry Torrefacto coffee in our product line.

    Our Torrefacto is made in America, right here in western Pennsylvania. Owner Paul Hunter fell in love with Torrefacto coffee while deployed to Spain some years ago, and after starting coffee production, he dreamed of perfecting the process.

    Our American made Torrefacto is roasted with high quality arabica beans instead of robusto beans normally used in the process. Since our Torrefacto is made in the USA, customers will enjoy low domestic shipping charges that are more cost effective than having it shipped from overseas.

    Try our American made Torrefacto today. We have already received great reviews from Torrefacto connoisseurs from TX, FL, PA, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

  • Where to Purchase Hunter Brothers Coffee

    Looking to try some Hunter Brothers Coffee. “We have been stocking the shelves at a number of locations for more than two years,” states Vice President Tim Hunter. “Come on  over and grab some coffee!”  Here’s where you can find that great Hunter Brothers Coffee:

    • Baldinger’s Food from all Nations, 519 Perry Highway, Zelienople, PA  16063
    • Old Crow Coffeehouse, 2751 Duss Avenue, Ambridge, PA  15003
    • Penn Pantry, 112 Main Street, Zelienople, PA 16063
    • Pflugh’s Country Market, 103 Barrisville Road, Beaver Falls, PA  15010

    Coffee varieties vary by location.

  • Hunter Brothers Coffee Offers Variety!

    Hunter Brothers Coffee comes in more than 20 varieties for coffee lovers everywhere. From the refreshing morning Arabica Blend to the bold, wake-me-up O-Dark Thirty roast … nothing says good morning like a pot of Hunter Brothers Coffee. If you want a special treat, try our Kenya AA coffee with its sharp acidity, medium body, intense flavor. Our customers are raving about it! Or better yet, turn to our French Roast and its rich, aromatic ambiance.

  • Hunter Brothers Coffee … Freshness Delivered!

    At Hunter Brothers Coffee, we don’t continuously grind coffee and let it sit in our warehouse. No … for the freshest coffee, everyone knows that you need to grind the beans not long before you brew your coffee. With that in mind, Hunter Brothers Coffee offers coffee that is made to order, with all coffee being ground less than 30 days before shipping. Or better yet … you can buy our whole bean coffees in every variety and grind them fresh right before you brew. Remember, good things come to those who wait … but you can guarantee your coffee if you order now!


  • Our Coffee Beans Are Hand Selected

    Hunter Brothers Coffee hand selects our beans for the ultimate in taste and richness. Try for yourself and see why our customers are saying Hunter Brothers Coffee is by far “the BEST coffee they ever tasted!” Order your favorite flavor online today and savor the goodness.