Swiss Water Decaf
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Swiss Water Decaf

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100% chemical free process using pure water, time and temperature until it is 99.9% caffeine free.  This provides a healthier and more natural tasting coffee.

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Customer Reviews

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Hollie Meckler
Swiss Water Decaf is the best!

I’m very picky when it comes to coffee, and the Swiss Water Decaf is by far the best tasting decaffeinated coffee I’ve ever bought. It has a rich deep flavor and can pass for a regular brew! We love it!

Also, this is one of the best companies to deal with: attention to detail, fast service, kind people!

Paul Gagnon

Well, it's better than 97.7 decaf but I'm so susceptible to caffeine than even 99.9 gives me the jitters, although not as much and not as long. If you carry it, a French Vanilla version would be nice to try. Thank you.

Bonnie Karlsen

I love the smell of my husbands regular coffee. This smells just like it I’m sooo happy It’s not harsh or bitter very smooth. I’ve been drinking chicory coffee also. I like them both.


It’s hard to find a decaf that doesn’t have you wishing it was regular caf with every sip, but this one is great!

Susan Miller
Swiss Water Decaf Beans

Nice company to work with. Easy to order. Order came promptly and was packaged neatly in a tight fitting box to prevent damage~not a flimsy bag. It's chemical-free decaf coffee in whole beans with a great taste that I can't get from the grocery store. I'll definitely order from Hunter Brothers again.