Choosing the right coffee

We get lots of questions at our retail pick up location but one of the most interesting is "which coffee should I buy?" We're not mind readers so it's kind of a hard question to answer.  If we're honest, we'd love for you to purchase 1 of everything but pretty sure that's not the right answer.

The first question we typically ask is are you a flavored coffee person or not.  That narrows things down by about 50%.  Most people are either a flavored coffee person or certainly are not!  Flavored people can pretty much pick something out and away they happily go.

For the non flavored peeps, we start with roast.  Do you like light, medium or dark roast?  If you aren't sure, think about what kind of coffee do you like drinking?  Where do you get it?  Different companies typically roast in a specific way with certain beans and knowing that helps us narrow it down.  

Spending some time figuring out your roast and country of origin might take a few tries but it's certainly worth it.  Waking up to your perfect cup of coffee can really change your morning.  Let us help!

One more pro tip - even when you know what you love, try some different kinds every so often.  People who mix it up generally enjoy the change.  It's like rediscovering your favorite every few months!

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