Opening a pick up location in Ellwood City

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Trying something new is often scary, especially when it costs money.  But you never know if it's going to work without trying it so here we go!

The first week in November, we opened a Retail Pick Up Location in Ellwood City PA.  It's just a simple place to stop and pick up bags of coffee.  We're making samples, grinding beans to order, and are available to ask questions.  It won't change the world, but we hope it helps.

Why are we doing this?  Well, let's try something new!  People ask us all the time where they can pick up our coffee.  We work with a few local retail stores which make it easy for people to pick up coffee and all sorts of other great products.  Now we have another option that's a little more personal.  We have all our coffee in one location so you can stop and pick up gifts, take a smell of a certain blend, or get your coffee ground in a special way.

Will it work?  Who knows.  We thought later in the year when people are running around finding gifts, it might be a good time to be more available.  We hope you'll stop and check out the new space at 229 Portersville Road, Ellwood City PA.

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