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As a local coffee roaster, we like to join local events such as Wander Ellwood or special celebrations at The Perfect Piece in Zelienople.  We set up tables, offer free samples, and get to talk with the community.  

During these events, you never know who you're going to talk to or what story they'll share.  We talk about the weather that day, how great the store is we happen to be set up in front of, and we always talk about coffee.  

You'd think our coffee talk would focus on roasting or types of beans or what the best flavored creamer is.  Funny enough, people share all sorts of coffee stories.  They share how coffee is part of their story.  They share funny memories that are anchored with coffee.  And we connect because of the coffee in our lives.

Last week, we were set up at The Perfect Piece in Zelienople for their Christmas Open House.  They asked us to come celebrate with them and we love hanging with those ladies.  A man and I started talking about nothing too much until he started telling me his coffee story.  

In his early 20's this man joined the volunteer fire department.  The first big fire, he didn't get to jump into action.  His job was to make coffee... and he didn't know how... and he didn't know where the supplies were... and it was a small disaster.  But he learned how to make coffee and he learned to drink it black and he learned to be a great fireman.  

So when I offered him coffee and sugar and creamer, he said he drank it black.  He smiled and shared this story.  He told me how coffee was tied to his first fire and how it connected through the rest of his life.  This memory, this start, this moment was just as much about the coffee as it was about the fire he didn't get to fight.

And that's the funny thing about coffee.  It's not just something we drink.  It's woven into our lives in unique ways.  We remember sitting at grandparents tables smelling coffee.  We remember trying to stay awake through finals with coffee.  We enjoy going for coffee with a friend.  We make memes about our lives with coffee.  

Coffee is part of our lives.  At Hunter Brothers Coffee, we understand that coffee shares so many moments with us and we want to make it special.  We want to wake you up in the morning and get you through the day.  We want you to share game night with friends, brewing a fresh pot of decaf coffee.  We know coffee is important and we take our jobs seriously.

So enjoy the moment, enjoy the memory, enjoy the coffee.

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