Unlocking the Secrets of Flavored Coffee

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Many coffee drinkers only want black coffee.  That’s okay.  They can have their opinion.  But flavored coffee is giving people more options which they appreciate.  Rather than adding sugar or creamer, our flavored coffee adds no sugar, calories or cholesterol. 


But how does it do that?  How can flavors be added to our coffee, creating new smells and tastes to mix up our morning routine.  Coffee magic, of course.


Most flavored coffee is created through oils or syrups mixed with warm, freshly roasted coffee beans. These flavorings are a super concentrated version of the flavor so a little goes a long way.  Every roaster has their own secret method because it matters what beans you use and how dark the beans are roasted prior to mixing with the flavoring.  Typically they are added after roasting with warm beans.  If the beans are too hot, the won’t hold the flavor correctly.  If they get too cold, the oils can’t penetrate through the cooling/hardening bean.  As with so much of coffee roasting, there really is a science to it.


Now barrel aged coffee uses a different process.  Here, green beans (the unroasted kind) are added to barrels that used to contain alcohol such as bourbon or rum.  Since beans are porous, they will soak up all the flavors from the barrel over a multi month or perhaps a year process. 


What about the beans?  Yes, some beans work better than others.  As always, higher quality beans work better because they ultimately give you the best flavor.  A good base makes a difference no matter what flavors are added.  Arabica beans are an excellent choice because they hold flavor well.


Our newest flavor, Raspberry Strudel, was requested by one of our coffee houses.  Why does that flavor work?  The bright tartness of raspberries and the sweetness of strudel highlight the deep coffee flavor.  It’s quickly becoming a favorite. 


Looking for another top selling flavored coffee that our customers love?  Double Dutch Chocolate, Blueberry Muffin and Winter Blend are 3 of our top sellers all year long.  Why? Again, they have some bold flavors that really pop with the dark flavors of coffee.  Chocolate, fruit and nuts are all traditional flavor adds to coffee. 


Want to smell more of our flavored coffees?  Stop by our distribution center in Ellwood City.  We don't serve coffee but we have all our options there for to you take a whiff and find a new favorite.


As a small batch coffee roaster, we know good flavors come from quality ingredients and a careful process.  Good beans are always a basis for a good cup of coffee.  You can use cheap beans but you’ll discover an unappealing flavor.  Coffee is something you truly get what you pay for.  Local roasters strive to give you the best cup of coffee so we choose to work with good companies producing good products. 


So take the time to notice your coffee.  We certainly put a lot of work into for you and want you to taste the flavors, enjoy the experience, and fall in love with all things coffee (flavored or not).

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