Loosing track of time

cozy Fall Pumpkin

Is anyone else having trouble with time?  We seem to go from time standing still to absolute craziness.  And who knows what day or month it is (who can forget what year it is!)?  Spring simply mushed into summer and without back to school, football season, homecoming, and normal Halloween, it's hard to know where we are in the calendar.


But this fall, an odd thing is occurring. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are falling, and the leaves are changing colors.  Not this doesn’t usually happen but it seems more pronounced this year.  Those changes are making me want to curl up and drink some Maple Cinnamon coffee and pour pumpkin spice creamer in everything. 


During this year of uncertaincy, there are still elements of normal life happening all around us.  Take the time to embrace them and perhaps remember why fall season smells and tasted differently than other seasons.  Maybe it’s not because someone is shouting that it’s pumpkin spice season but many it’s because it just feels right. 


Go ahead, jump into all the maple and cinnamon and pumpkin spice everything.  You know gingerbread and mint are right around the corner.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the season.

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