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There are plenty of reasons people start business.  To make money, to share a great idea or to be part of a community.  One of our favorite business is By the Wayside coffee truck, a team we’ve learned to love through suppling them coffee.  Their answers to why start a business are inspiring and we are so proud to partner with them.


In 2017, this veteran family wanted to build a coffee truck to reach the community and support military causes.  (This sounds very familiar to us at Hunter Brothers… kindred spirits perhaps?!)  The mobile aspect of the coffee truck struck them as something very military.  Responding rapidly to situations, needing to adapt, and meeting local needs all built into their business plan.  With a camo exterior, this family was ready to roll into neighborhoods, businesses, and fundraisers to not only bring joy to the event but also give back and support military causes through profit donation.  The phrase Win/Win is clearly appropriate here.


One of my favorite events they do is being sponsored at local schools or hospitals so teachers and health workers can choose a drink for free.  What an act of kindness by those who care for others!  I’ve gone to some of these events and seen the joy in teachers eyes.  It is clear that coffee trucks can save the world. 


So thank you to By the Wayside for their joy in making a simple cup of coffee.  We love being part of your story and wish you many years of saving the world one cup at a time.

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